Getting Your Michigan Commercial Parking Lot Striped

Jul 08, 2014

When building and running a commercial establishment in Michigan, the parking lot can often be taken for granted. Parking lot design seems to remain as one of the lowest priorities in building commercial establishments. After all, how hard could it be to “draw a straight line,” so to speak? As it turns out, it’s pretty hard.

Planning the Layout

Planning the layout is not as simple as planning a three bedroom house. Commercial parking lots are often meant to have anywhere from 25 to a hundred spaces or more. Lots can have an infinite variety of dimensions and shapes, and finding a way to maximize the space is the first challenge. The second is spacing. This involves making sure all parking spaces are the standard width and length to fit most vehicles. This also means leaving an appropriate amount of space for larger vehicles to safely maneuver in and out of each space. The flow of traffic must also be factored in to ensure the utmost safety, especially at corners and points of ingress/egress. A corner parking space may look safe until there’s a huge van parked there, creating an accident prone blind spot.

The Art of Striping

First of all, striping machines still need to be guided by hand (or perhaps more appropriately by foot). Most models need to be “pushed,” similarly to a lawnmower, but much more highly engineered. Simply sneezing, being in too much of a hurry, or even just looking to the side can take you off the line. A striping business owner interviewed by Entrepreneur even related how his lines always curve to the left ever since he broke his left leg in an accident.

Aiming the stripes to follow the pre-chalked layout plan can also be hit or miss. The person behind the striping machine needs to know the particular machine by heart. He or she needs to aim it right, keep it straight for each line, and know when to start and stop the spraying.

Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Another paramount consideration is making sure your parking lot complies with very specific requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA.

The first and foremost requirement is to have at least one van-accessible parking space in each parking lot. This space needs to have the height and width clearance for vans to safely get in and out. This also needs to have an access aisle to the immediate right side of the parking space for wheelchair access. This aisle needs to be no less than 96” to accommodate a wheelchair lift. It also needs to be located on level ground and be marked with the appropriate sign reading: “van accessible.” You would also need at least two van-accessible parking spaces for lots with over 400 spaces, and one for every 8 accessible spaces for lots with over 500 spaces.

Regular (non-van) accessible parking spaces are also required at a minimum of one space for lots with a capacity of 26-50. An additional accessible space needs to be added for every 25 additional spaces overall through to 100 total capacity. From there, an additional accessible space is required per 50 additional spaces, through to 200 total capacity. From there, it’s one additional for every hundred added capacity through to 400. Finally, for lots with over 500 spaces, regular accessible spaces need to make up seven out of every 8 accessible spaces.

Get the Job Done Right the First Time Around

Given all these points (and we’re just scratching the surface), you do not want to entrust such a huge task for just anybody with a striping machine. Otherwise, you’ll likely end up doing everything all over again.

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