How Late Is Too Late in the Year To Stripe Your Parking Lot?

Oct 24, 2016

Michigan Commercial Pavement Striping

The answer: there’s still time! Before the end of this fall, be sure to get in touch with a professional striping company to give your commercial space a safety check and necessary makeover.

This winter, your parking lot and commercial area will surely take another beating from the elements. However, business must go on as usual. In order for you to run and operate a successful establishment, you’ve got to start outside, with your store’s exterior surroundings. This includes the store frontage, PWD areas, and of course, the parking lot.

What will happen if you don’t restripe your parking lot this fall? 

All that rain and melted snow from winter storms will seep deeply into the asphalt surface of your parking spaces, and will cause more cracks to form. Cracks in your pavement will weaken the base of your parking lot. When the water from the rain and snow melt, and when the temperatures change again, the cracks will widen further. This will cause major damage such as plus-sized potholes that can lead to parking lot accidents.

Another way your parking lot will sustain major damage is when sand, dirt, stones and other forms of debris enter the cracks on the pavement. This will cause the cracks to open more and turn into potholes, which is a leading cause of accidents in the parking lot area.

The timing couldn’t be more crucial. You should finish your parking lot restriping project while you still have time. Otherwise, it will be close to impossible to perform the necessary cleaning, washing and painting when the snow and ice start setting in.

What are the benefits of restriping your parking lot before winter? 

Aside from prioritizing safety in your immediate environment, you will also benefit from the advantages of having a clean and visibly marked parking lot area.

  • You will ensure that the divisions in your parking lot are clear.

Nothing can be more frustrating than a parking lot with a confusing layout. This is often because the paint on the markings has faded and you don’t know what the proper parking plan or flow of traffic should be. Avoid confusion by layering on a fresh coat of paint on your parking lot lines and divisions.

  • Avoid unnecessary parking lot accidents.

The weather conditions during winter are already hazardous, so do your part in preventing accidents. Collisions can happen even in parking lots because of improperly marked areas or signs that are no longer visible due to severe fading. If you don’t comply with this safety standard, you could be facing more complications than you have the time and resources for.

  • You can give your store a fresh and crisp image.

Improving how your store looks on the outside is one of the most apparent signs that you are taking care of your business. Entice more customers to walk into your store by delighting them with a clean and crisp look. Winter conditions can even make visibility more difficult; so do a storefront makeover along with parking lot restriping to fully give your store’s image a boost even in the foggiest of times.

  • Save your store from severe wear and tear this winter.

Prevention will always be better than cure. By performing the necessary parking lot maintenance before winter strikes, you can be assured of a better looking store than when you leave it looking worn. You could be dealing with more severe damage if you only choose to act on the necessary repairs and paint jobs after all that snow and ice have wreaked havoc on your parking lot. Consider fall maintenance as protection from these elements. You’ll have a lot less to deal with after the winter is gone.

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