The Insider’s Guide To Parking Lot Striping

Jul 26, 2016

Michigan Commercial Parking Lot Painting Services

One of the reasons why businesses fail is neglect of the overall store image. Many business owners are too focused on numbers and data that they overlook other important facets of the business, such as customer perception and satisfaction in your store.

Multiple studies show that “how attractive” a store looks is one of the biggest factors that influence customers. More people feel welcome when they see a neat and well-maintained store. The better the store appearance is, the more likely these customers will come back.

One of the quickest ways to boost your store’s appearance is to undertake a parking lot striping project. This article serves as a quick guide to parking lot striping.

Why should you mark and stripe your parking lot? 

Your parking lot and its surrounding areas are the first things that customers see. The impression they get from these areas, more often than not, dictates whether they even set foot inside your store or not. Below are more reasons why you should prioritize parking lot striping:

  • To provide a clean and appealing environment
  • To direct the flow of traffic within your parking lot and surrounding areas
  • To comply with local, state and federal policies on obstruction-free parking
  • To meet standards set by the American Disability Act (ADA)

Failure to comply with these policies can cost you unwanted expenses through penalties and fees.

What types of parking lot striping are available? 

Plain restriping

This is the most common type of parking lot striping available. New lines are painted over old and faded ones to provide a fresher and clearer appearance. This is simple, fast and cheap to do.


This is the same as plain restriping except that a sealcoat is also applied to make the paint less prone to fading. If your shop is located in a high traffic or rainy area, sealcoating is recommended.

New layout

You could also choose to re-layout your entire parking lot to make it more attractive or to fully comply with parking lot policies. If you’ve recently expanded your business, you will need to widen your parking area to accommodate more people. Having trouble with the traffic flow in your parking lot? You might need a smarter and safer parking lot layout.

New layouts can be carried out either through plain restriping or through striping with sealcoat.

What are common areas that need striping? 

According to provisions by state and national laws, the following areas need to be clearly identifiable within a store’s premises:

  • Fire lanes
  • Handicapped parking spaces
  • Senior citizen parking spaces
  • Loading / Unloading areas
  • No parking lanes
  • Reserved parking
  • Visitor / waiting lanes
  • Valet parking
  • Crosswalk / pedestrians
  • Entrance / Exit

Aside from designated areas, your parking lot should also have clearly marked signs depicting the following traffic flow rules:

  • Stop
  • Slow down
  • Do not block
  • Wrong way
  • No entry
  • Authorized personnel only

The most common types of parking lot signage include the following:

  • Thick and clear lines
  • Arrows to indicate direction
  • Stop bars
  • Stencils
  • Crosswalks / walk stripes

How do you pick a parking lot striping contractor? 

Seeing that parking lot striping is an essential part of business, you should take extra care in choosing the right striping company. IC striping provides high quality parking lot striping services using the best and most durable commercial-grade paint. We can use water-based or solvent-based paint, depending on the type of surface to be painted on.

We are also knowledgeable when it comes to state and national policies on parking lot provisions. We have mastered the dimensions and allocations required by the American Disability Act. Hire us to do your parking lot striping and you won’t have to worry about a thing. Call us at 1-877-361-4400 today!

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