Michigan Fall Checklist For Commercial Lots and Parking Lots

Sep 22, 2016

Michigan Fall Pavement Striping

Don’t wait until the winter before you consider restriping your commercial lot and parking lot. Restriping can be more difficult to accomplish in harsh weather, and that makes these services more expensive. If you don’t want to overspend on the maintenance of your commercial area, be sure to perform the necessary re-striping even before winter arrives. Here is a fall checklist for commercial lots and parking lots:

  • Check for cracks throughout the commercial lot area.

It is important to catch cracks early before they turn even bigger and affect larger areas when the snow sets in. Check every trim and siding, nook and cranny, and edge or border of your commercial and parking lot area. When you spot them, make sure to seal them with sealant such as silicone or exterior caulk. Make sure to check your window and doorframes as well, as little cracks can go unnoticed in these areas. Lastly, if you have any exposed tubes in the premises, make sure to give them a look as well, as leaky pipes can be quite a hazardous situation when snow and ice are involved.

  • Check your roofing, awning, or any overhead area.

Grab a pair of binoculars and eyeball the entire roof area of your establishment. You should also check all ledges, awnings and sheds as these places can also accumulate clutter from overhead. Look for the following signs of wear and tear and then have a professional repair them immediately:

  • cracked or missing shingles
  • loose parts
  • damaged roofing
  • rust problems
  • clutter; unwanted debris

If you do not resolve these issues during the fall season, you will have a bigger problem in your hands when winter comes.

  • Remove unwanted debris from gutters.

One common hazard in commercial and parking lot areas during the winter is slippery grounds. You can avoid these accidents by ensuring that your drainage is working properly. Remove all unwanted debris and garbage from your gutters so you can be assured of a slip-proof commercial area. It is easier to de-clutter your surroundings than pay for charges incurred by accidents experienced by your customers or staff.

  • Have a proper drainage mechanism in your lot.

The fall season is also the best time to check your commercial area for proper drainage practices. You can inspect the soil or ground surrounding your establishment and make sure that there is a direct slope away from your establishment. The slope has to be at least 6 inches above an area of ten feet. This will keep rain and snow from soaking the foundation of your establishment. Having a moist foundation is the leading cause of cracks and leaks, so be sure to avoid these at all costs.

  • Trim the terrain from overgrowth.

You don’t want branches and twigs falling around your surrounding areas especially during the winter season. Even before the trees around your establishment start shedding around the property, you should already be trimming down and pruning the plants in your area. It is ideal to keep branches at least 3 feet away from your establishment so no excess moisture and clutter will fall and damage your roofing.

  • Check for signs of fading in the paint and surrounding signage.

Visibility can drop to an all time low in the winter season so make sure your parking lot stripes and signs are at their most visible. Repainting your parking lot strips and other signage is a good investment for the snow season. You will avoid unwanted accidents in your commercial area if your striping and signage are clear and bright.

Once you go over this fall checklist, keep in mind that maintaining the orderliness of your commercial area will benefit your business from all standpoints. You will be creating a better environment for your customers while also protecting yourself from legal fines and fees. If you need to do some commercial lot restriping and parking lot de-cluttering, make sure to contact IC Striping. Call us at 1-877-361-4400 today!

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