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2020 Michigan Parking Lot Striping

The 2020 Parking Lot Striping Season is upon us and Industrial Commercial Striping is here for you! Are you running low on your budget for a new asphalt parking lot but still want to freshen the lot up? Have you thought about restriping over existing lines? Call Industrial Commercial Striping today for an estimate – 877.361.4400 or Along with parking lot striping we also specialize in new signs and sign repairs. Check out some of our work!

How Late Is Too Late in the Year To Stripe Your Parking Lot?

The answer: there’s still time! Before the end of this fall, be sure to get in touch with a professional striping company to give your commercial space a safety check and necessary makeover. This winter, your parking lot and commercial area will surely take another beating from the elements. However, business must go on as usual. In order for you to run and operate a successful establishment, you’ve got to start outside, with your store’s exterior surroundings. This includes the store frontage, PWD areas, and of course, the parking lot.

Michigan Fall Checklist For Commercial Lots and Parking Lots

Don’t wait until the winter before you consider restriping your commercial lot and parking lot. Restriping can be more difficult to accomplish in harsh weather, and that makes these services more expensive. If you don’t want to overspend on the maintenance of your commercial area, be sure to perform the necessary re-striping even before winter arrives. Here is a fall checklist for commercial lots and parking lots:

New Commercial Parking Lot Requirements That You Should Be Aware Of

All states have their own policies and regulations regarding commercial parking lot areas. The 2010 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) further calls for the implementation of these requirements by outlining the minimum accessibility requirements for buildings, offices, shopping malls and similar commercial or public facilities. This is to ensure that people with disabilities can gain sufficient access and participate in activities done in these commercial spaces.

The Insider’s Guide To Parking Lot Striping

One of the reasons why businesses fail is neglect of the overall store image. Many business owners are too focused on numbers and data that they overlook other important facets of the business, such as customer perception and satisfaction in your store.

How Often Should I Re-Stripe My Parking Lot?

If you own an establishment with a designated parking lot, you will have asked yourself this question: how often should I re-stripe my parking lot? Other business owners even ask if they should re-stripe their parking lots at all. Not only is it additional work, it is also additional cost. However, the obvious answer to the latter is: yes, you should re-stripe your parking lot.

How To Know When It’s Re-Striping Time

As seasons come and go, be sure to keep in mind that your establishment’s parking lot and surrounding areas will need re-striping and signage repair jobs. This is crucial in avoiding any confusion and possible accidents inside your parking lot premises. It is also important to always remind your customers as to what comprises the entire parking lot, which areas are reserved for PWD, which places to safely cross, which areas are fire lanes, and so on.

A Brief History of Road Surface Marking and Striping

Road surface marking is important because it conveys official road information. They are used to delineate areas for different uses, such as in parking spaces and other designated areas for the use of loading and unloading.

Parking Lot Injuries: Who’s Liable And What Can You Do?

The rule of thumb for parking lot injuries is that the owner of the establishment is liable for injuries to people that slip, fall or get into an accident in the premises of the parking lot. This is due to negligence of the owner to comply with certain protocol for parking lot safety. If the owner fails to abide by these policies, or if he does not anticipate all reasonable odds of probable accidents, then he may be liable for injuries.

What to Know About the Start of the Michigan Striping Season

It seems we need to start getting used to record breaking winters here in Michigan. Last year we had 75 consecutive days of below freezing temperatures, beating the 72-day record from the late 70’s. Ironwood and Manistique had their lowest recorded temperature in 113 and 86 years of measurement, respectively.

Getting Your Michigan Commercial Parking Lot Striped

When building and running a commercial establishment in Michigan, the parking lot can often be taken for granted. Parking lot design seems to remain as one of the lowest priorities in building commercial establishments. After all, how hard could it be to “draw a straight line,” so to speak? As it turns out, it’s pretty hard.

Our New Blog Is Live – Come Be Social With Us!

Industrial Commercial Striping is pleased to announce the launch of our new blog. We will be providing the most current and relevant striping and signage information available on-line. Hiring a company to stripe your new commercial projects can be a confusing endeavor. We will answer all your questions and make the process as easy and stress-free as possible.