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Kicking off the 2022 Season!

We are excited to start the 2022 season and work with all of you! As you all know, unprecedented shortages continue to plague our country – and unfortunately, this includes paint. Industrial Commercial Striping is thrilled to announce that we have been stockpiling paint over the winter and are prepared to work for you this year! When most striping companies were unable to work at the end of last year due to the paint shortage, Industrial Commercial Striping never ran out of paint– you can count on us again in 2022! Industrial Commercial Striping will always go above and beyond to source the materials you need, and you can continue to trust us to deliver in these uncertain times. We had a successful first year applying thermoplastic and are pleased to expand on those services for a second year. Thermoplastic lasts 6-8 times longer than paint and is a good resource to use for high traffic crosswalks, stop bars and arrows. We have recently invested in a skid steer which will expand our bollard installation capabilities. Allowing us to install salvaged parking blocks while we are installing signs. We are ready to hit the ground running for this 2022 season!   Call us at 877.361.4400 or email us at here for an estimate!

The Benefits of Thermoplastic Paint | Michigan Commercial Striping 2021

This is probably not a topic one often thinks about—but pavement markings are a pretty important part of our lives. They define spaces of safe passage for drivers and pedestrians. Worn-out, unreadable, pavement markings could be a safety hazard. It’s important that businesses and communities maintain these safety markers, but in the State of Michigan that proves difficult.

Happy 2021 from Industrial Commercial Striping

Happy New Year! We are excited to be offering a new service which is thermoplastic for parking lots which lasts 6-8 times longer than paint. We have invested in the equipment and are ready to start making parking lots in Michigan and Ohio last longer. Call us at 877.361.4400 or email us at angie@icstriping.com for a formal estimate.

2020 Michigan Parking Lot Striping

The 2020 Parking Lot Striping Season is upon us and Industrial Commercial Striping is here for you! Are you running low on your budget for a new asphalt parking lot but still want to freshen the lot up? Have you thought about restriping over existing lines? Call Industrial Commercial Striping today for an estimate – 877.361.4400 or angie@icstriping.com Along with parking lot striping we also specialize in new signs and sign repairs. Check out some of our work!

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